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The Most Popular Freebies at Exhibitions and Events – A Need To Know if You Want To Impress!!

Posted by Helen Mills | Posted in Exhibition Tips, Marketing Tips, Need to Know, Sales Tips | Posted on 06-01-2010

Tags: event gifts, exhibition display stands, exhibition gifts, freebies, promotional gifts, trade show gifts, tradeshow stands


I have just been reading an article on Freebies (promotional gifts) given out at Exhibitions and Events. Most people attending a show expect to come away with free gifts, brochures, samples etc. What they don’t know is a lot of thought goes into (or should go into) what is given out.

The idea of freebies are that when the potential customer has gone home he will look/use your gift regularly so when they need your product they automatically think to call you instead of your competitors. So what you give them is important, you don’t want them binning it or shoving it to the back of the draw.

Ok, back to my article………..

A survey has been carried out and a new Top 10 has been revealed and I thought I would share it with you.

1. Sweat Shirts
2. Drawstring Backpacks
3. Pocket Calculator
4. Clocks
5. Computer Accessories
6. Umbrella
7. Flashlights
8. Packaged Candy
9. Lip Balm
10. Coffee Mugs

Controversially the good old pen has been missed off this list….I have read many reports which say the pen is the  “king” freebie as it is cheap to mass produce and people always need a pen! Make your own mind up on this one.

One item that is a new comer and is fast becoming the numero uno item to give away is hand sanitiser – since the outbreak of swine flu some genius came up with idea to add company details to the bottles and it is taking the freebie market by storm.

Moral of the story – think before you exhibit, give something away that people will use and remember you by!

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Best Way to Extend the Life of Your Exhibition Display Equipment

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